Join Matt for his LIVE tour events from the best seat in the house...yours!  

All-Tour Livestream Pass

(Includes 12 events in 6 different cities! Replays available until Dec 31, 2020)

Weekend Livestream Passes

Livestreaming is available for ALL of the 2020 AWAKEN LIVE TOUR events so you can step into your most authentic self and let your light shine with radiance wherever you are connected. Don’t miss any of these life-changing transmissions and unleash all the goodness that is within you. (Replay is available for 45 days for weekend passes.)

Asheville, NC

"Peaceful Mind, 

Loving Heart"

"Rewire Your Reality"

Fri-Sat • Feb 15-16

Austin, TX

​​"I AM the Light"

"Entering Eternal Bliss"


Fri-Sat • Mar 15-16

Sedona, AZ

"The Rebirth of Heaven"

"Awakening True Joy"

Fri-Sat • Jun 14-15

Encinitas, CA

"Mastering the Mystery"

"Activate Your

Infinite Power"

Fri-Sat • Aug 16-17

Berkeley, CA

"The Heart of Awakening"

"Ultimate Liberation"

Fri-Sat • Sep 13-14

Minneapolis, MN

"The Language of Love"

"Total Living 


Fri-Sat • Oct 11-12

With over 16 million YouTube views, Matt has carved a brand-new path for those yearning for true liberation, emotional freedom, and to embody their soul's full potential. Please join Matt on the most powerful healing tour he has ever offered. During each two-hour Friday event and Saturday one-day immersion, Matt will use his intuitive abilities to tune into the audience and deliver teachings to assist you in transforming all areas of your life. Often referred to as a transmission of presence, Matt has the ability to channel healing energy through the sound of his voice, allowing you to directly experience the teachings Matt's words convey.

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