Beyond the Play

Throughout the play of life, personal experiences are commonly divided into two basic categories: agreement and disagreement. For those with whom you agree, often the highest values and gifts of your true character are offered in celebration of the similarities that attract one to another. On the other hand, when disagreement occurs, a mask of defenses can be worn like armor taken into battle with those you oppose or those you believe oppose your view. While each person tends to divide others into categories of “have” and “have nots” based on who they agree or disagree with, once a spiritual impulse awakens, a fresh, expanded, and unifying view can be seen. From this deeper, wiser, heart-centered space, no one needs to be an enemy of yours when life only places along your path those who are destined to help you grow.

"...no one needs to be an enemy of yours when life only places along your path those who are destined to help you grow."

In today’s modern day society, the vibration of the planet has accelerated. This causes the shifting of these categories to go back and forth between agreement and disagreement at a much faster rate. Instead of just establishing your ego’s core beliefs and deciding who is with you, who is against you, or who you are against, the increased speed of polarity can shift who you are for or against, back and forth, at quite a frenetic pace. In one moment you can perceive someone as your friend, ally, or as a source of inspiration in your life. And then if that person does something to agitate your ego, you can turn on them in a moment’s notice to create an agenda of opposition toward the one you once adored. What’s even more curious about the increasing speed of polarity, is noticing how quickly you might turn on someone you know, based on nothing that person has done, but merely how you perceive or misperceive the moment at hand.

When lost in this back and forth “I love you, I hate you” pattern, innocent misunderstandings become beliefs that life has turned against you. When this pattern is in play, your ego attempts to pull someone down from the pedestal of expectations only you have put them on.

Once they are in some way, feeding your ego, the ability to perceive them through a lens of pleasure elevates them back onto the pedestal you unknowingly created. That is until the next misunderstanding or disappointment invites you to tear down those you keep building up.

For example, you can be a fan of a musician and become their greatest advocate in online chat rooms, inviting everyone you know to discover the music that moves you so deeply. If by chance, that musician makes a song that doesn’t quite feed you the way the others have, a musician’s greatest fan can quickly become their harshest critic who visits the same chat rooms only to gossip, ridicule, and blast the performer they once honored. Whether this is done with a musician, actor, any public figure or someone that you love, the ego often turns on those close to you when not being fed by their offerings.

When not fed by moments of agreement, the ego can become cruel, relentless, and callous as it bonds with others in disagreement toward the one who didn’t feed their despair the moment it starved for attention. Of course as awakening blossoms, the desire to resolve your ego’s hunger by agreeing or disagreeing with others become opportunities to the love the one who only starves for the grace of your loving attention.

It can be difficult to sense an innocence within you that wants nothing more than your loving attention when you are spending so much time deciding who you agree or disagree with. In the absence of feeding your ego through the false power of deciding who is worthy or unworthy of your highest qualities and characteristics, the hunger within can be seen as a deeper longing for love that only you may ever provide.

While everyone is free to explore their own personal truth, respectfully disagree with others, change their opinion, and even exchange characters throughout their intimate circles at any pace they desire, there is always a more objective invitation in consciousness. Such an invitation calls you to explore the depth of your own behavior to see if you are exchanging friends for foes in a never-ending battle against the fate of your highest evolution.

If people don’t feed your ego by being exactly the way you want them to be, are you going to lash out, gossip, and judge, or are you are ready to surrender each battle by loving yourself more often?

In any moment of question, are you willing to give someone the benefit of doubt, or are you the first one to criticize, shame, and persecute when they don’t match the characteristics you need them to reflect?

Are you willing to consider whether or not you are misperceiving the actions of another, or have you become blinded and falsely-empowered by the righteous and entitled tendencies of ego-driven accusations?

If you have ever been on the receiving end of the “I love you, I hate you” pattern, you know trying to reason with someone who is hypnotized by a hungry ego is often how things go from bad to worse. The belief is, “If only they could see things from my viewpoint, there would be no misunderstanding or disagreement”. Often times someone else cannot see life from your point of view because the very misunderstanding occurs whenever an ego is hungry and dissatisfied by those it wishes to be fed by.

One who hides in disagreement can only resolve their clashing of differences by loving the one who is hungry, just as those who are attacked by hungry egos can only heal their pain by loving themselves as well. This does not mean that being verbally, emotionally, or even physically attacked by egos indicates how low your vibration is, or reflects how much ego has yet to be integrated in you. Instead, as your heart opens to full capacity, you are able to discover the perfect balance of spiritual insight that allows all to be one in essence, while each play out characters who are unique and at various levels of spiritual maturity.

When someone loves you one moment, then hates you the next, you are witnessing a hungry ego structure only starving for the very attention it doesn’t know how to provide itself. While there may be an impulse to reach out and offer them the very love they seek, you can always use it as a moment to love yourself, deeper than ever before. Knowing the love you pour into your heart equally supports the expansion of all.

This also doesn’t mean that mean people enter your field because you must not be loving yourself enough. That’s just another superstitious idea.

In reality, everyone is on their own journey. You are free to learn from each encounter whatever you believe you are meant to learn, including using it as evidence to build a case of victimhood against yourself. The highest possibility, however, is remembering who you are as an angel in human form. As a fully-embodied angel, you came to this planet to love yourself in response to whatever cruelty you see, or in response to how poorly you are treated by the hungry egos around you. One “I love you” at a time, the angel that you are embraces itself the way others have yet to be embraced, as a way of awakening a Truth within your heart that inevitably ignites the light in all.

Although not always the case, agreement is usually where egos hide from the pain they have yet to resolve. Meanwhile, disagreement tends to be a universal defense that occurs when egos are hungry and ready for another instantly gratifying but inevitably dissatisfying fix. This means nearly every disagreement is a misunderstanding since you are not capable of seeing life clearly when your ego is hungry. Just as you or someone you know may act out of character when their blood sugar drops, when ego is active and has yet to be integrated, you or someone you know can switch from being your faithful companion to your harshest rival, misperceiving anything you say or do, simply because it is hungry for its own loving approval and doesn’t even know it.

Instead of trying to debate with such insatiable hunger, which only gives a hungry ego more to be dissatisfied by, I invite you to give your own hunger, or the hunger attacking you the time and space to heal. In the absence of being someone’s punching bag, arguing with others, or turning on those you love, your heart can become your central point of focus. One “I love you” at a time, you help awaken the angels in every heart, simply by being for yourself what others cannot be.

Even when you believe you already love yourself enough, I invite you to discover love as an infinite well-spring of discovery that reveals endless levels of eternal grace for those who dare to find new ways to embrace their heart – deeper, more honestly, softer, and with greater dedication than ever before.

By accepting this invitation to love what arises, you are becoming the angel within you that came here to transform this beautiful planet, instead of portraying yourself as someone in need of being transformed. Throughout this process, it is helpful to remember that while you came here to transform the fabric of reality in the most miraculous and heart-centered way, it doesn’t mean you cannot be happy, healthy, abundant, peaceful, and free until others are awake. Instead, you are free to see the difference between happy, liberated, thriving, and aware angels and insufferable, callous, narrow-minded egos is solely determined by how often the hunger of dissatisfaction is either projected onto others or resolved with love.

Whether you have been hurt by others, or have become the one who hurts others, there is no reason to swirl in guilt when that would just be making time to hurt yourself the way you have hurt others, or matching the pain of how others have hurt you. Instead, guilt becomes the next one in line to be loved as never before, as the angel within your heart discovers the remorse, empathy, and harmony to shine brightly for the benefit of all.

While the insights of ever-expanding consciousness are infinite, the unfolding of spiritual evolution can be reduced into one simple reoccurring choice: you either notice how deeply others hurt or live in a world where you are capable of being hurt by others. If tuning into the unresolved pain of the world feels overwhelming, just focus your attention on your own unprocessed pain. In reality it’s not actually your pain, but the imprinting of cellular memory that you came to transform to inspire a tipping point in the evolution of the whole.

As always, healing yourself is the greatest contribution toward an evolving planet. Whether acknowledging the pain within you, or embracing your heart to resolve the pain in others, the world in view becomes more compassionate, beautiful, and miraculous when love becomes your primary response.

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