Life Knows The Way

One of the greatest distractions to becoming a liberated expression of spirit in form is an innocent tendency to put all of your hope into a healing modality instead of learning how to trust the transformation already under way. It is very common to trust some sort of process that promises a new form of understanding, or even grab ahold of an understanding you’ve gained, not ever seeing how the very thing you trust doesn’t guarantee you’ll cultivate more faith in the Universe that guides you along.

A wonderful sign that you are cultivating deeper faith in the Universe is a willingness to discard each and every process or insight that brought you to this point. Without a need to remind yourself of your most profound moments of clarity which were once a major turning point, but now linger in the shadows of memory, you are free of the reference points that keep you trying to stay in imaginary lanes of spiritual comprehension. Again, the distraction is a tendency to trust your understanding, instead of developing more faith in a reality you’ve attempted to outwit or undermine. To trust what you’ve been able to comprehend is not an act of faith, but a measurement of fear. It is a coping mechanism shrouded in reason that puts all of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations into conclusions you’ve made, while reality awaits your most courageous decision to place all of your faith into that which cannot be determined or denied.

In many spiritual circles, the tendency to trust an understanding of life, instead of having faith in the mystery of life itself can be quite easy to notice. Sometimes it comes as one-liners or advice from someone who offers whatever words or process helped them out of a dark corner of despair. While the advice they dispense may have helped them find some form of relief, it becomes difficult to see how the very words they offer have become a newly decorated prison cell – one that is merely wallpapered with their most treasured spiritual phrases. Often times, the words aren’t even coming from someone who has benefitted from an understanding or a taught process, but someone who is still trying to make a process work in their life or convince themselves of a certain level of understanding by attempting to sell it to others.

Just because it’s true on some level, doesn’t always make it helpful. There are many truths to witness and none of them contradict one another. They are equal expressions of an unknowable reality that lives to express infinite potential through the ecstasy of creation and never-ending discovery.

It’s not the words we share that transform lives, but the depth of aliveness within us that inspires such wisdom. When that which you are is consciously expressing itself in form, the potency of words and actions have an incredibly healing and miraculous effect on those around you. The misunderstanding is clinging to the words that such a liberated being offers, instead of absorbing the transmission of energy erupting in their presence. Equally so, this doesn’t mean words have no value or it isn’t absolutely remarkable when suddenly you are able to understand something in a fresh and expansive way. It is more so a balancing act between being open to higher forms of understanding without getting attached to imagining life works in one static way.

As your journey will continue to show you, whatever way you have been shown life to work surely becomes the next dream you’ll awaken from – with no end to a depth of understanding that leaves you as liberated as any master can be, but with no final conclusion to hide behind.

Whether in the written form or throughout the teachings I provide verbally, I am offering you a transmission of presence to assist in the accelerated unfolding of that which has already blossomed. It is not an appeal to exchange your old phrases for new ones, but to supply you with a point of focus that allows your innocence to feel safe enough to let your heart open.

Once your heart has opened completely, an understanding beyond all forms of understanding simultaneously shows you everything while removing any conclusions imagined about the clarity in view. This is so your faith is placed in grace of the Universe, instead of the clinging to a universe of beliefs and ideas. Sometimes a teacher says things not as an autonomous declaration of truth, but to inspire those who cling to fire back with their preferred teaching or process. Each and every time this occurs, the one who insists on making a better spiritual point ventures one step closer to surrendering the defense mechanisms of their most treasured understandings, as an entry point into an even deeper layer of liberated joy.

When you are able to love and adore anyone throughout the unfolding of circumstance without a desire to rehash your previous learnings, or teach a process that gives others new ways to spiritually judge themselves, the purity of your being shall offer the relief and recognition that no amount of cleverly-crafted words may ever deliver.

Whether working with ourselves in our own journey or reaching out to assist another, the question remains, “Are we transmitting what we are through a spontaneous play of self-expression, or attempting to control someone’s experience as a way of preserving our faith in our deepest forms of understanding?”

If it’s a transmission, the words will flow like a wellspring of eloquent beauty to inspire all who have been brought together to drink from its stream. If not, it’ll be another sales pitch, most likely coming from someone who hasn’t figured out how to get it working in their life, let alone transcended an attachment to the very thing that seemed to briefly work in the past. I rejoice in the ecstasy of your true eternal form. You are a spiritual being, not a salesperson. Dare to embrace the truth of who you are even if it seems different from every spiritual insight you’ve ever had in the past. When rooted in this optimal position of unwavering faith, your words and actions will inspire countless lives.

By the time your words have been absorbed and embraced in every heart, you’ve already moved on to the next stage of exploration, where even greater paradigms of revelation are revealed in your presence. From this space you have become a living expression of Truth in action, with no static form of understanding to defend when life already knows the way.

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