Celebrating the Feminine,

Honoring the Masculine

Today's blog post celebrates the divine feminine by calling forth the highest consciousness of it's masculine counterpart—no matter the gender of your body. As the inner polarity of masculine and feminine energies balance within us, we shift from the despair of entangled relationships into the bliss of sacred partnership.

To help you begin this process, here is one of my FAVORITE passages from Everything is Here to Help You. It literally flowed through me in one pass. As I went back and read the words I channeled, I was completely amazed as to the wisdom that came through:

The masculine energy represents the determination, focus, and drive of Source energy. When balanced with the feminine, it often plays the role of a lover, warrior, or provider. When imbalanced, the lover becomes a liar, the warrior transitions into a worrier, and the provider transforms into a predator. In the absence of a feminine energetic counterpart, the overly masculine ego is more focused on conquering than connecting and far more motivated by the threat of loss than acting upon opportunities to be vulnerable, unguarded, faithful, and intimate.

While the masculine energy can be nurturing as a reliable provider, when imbalanced, an inability to receive fails to fulfill the masculine or allow their partners, friends, and relatives to connect with their heart.

In the most practical sense, the masculine represents goal-oriented focus. It is often described through viewpoints of “what”: What am I driven to accomplish? What can I do for you? What is my purpose?

While focus, drive, and determination are crucial elements in manifesting the soul into tangible form, when imbalanced by the imprinting of our human conditioning or societal pressures, masculine energy can often be aggressive instead of aware. When this occurs, objectivity is replaced with objectification, passion turns to anger, and drive erodes into depression.

On a spiritual journey, the masculine is the seeker, pursuer, and interpreter of life’s infinite wisdom. Yet it is unable to process, assimilate, and integrate such wisdom without the balance of the feminine energy.

As the masculine learns to soften its approach, each goal can be explored for deeper purposes than just conquests, outcomes, or achievements. On a spiritual journey, the masculine is the seeker, pursuer, and interpreter of life’s infinite wisdom. Yet it is unable to process, assimilate, and integrate such wisdom without the balance of the feminine energy.

When balanced with its inner feminine counterpart, the masculine learns to provide without needing to protect and to respond instead of react, while becoming a nurturer instead of a neglector. From this space of greater energetic harmony, the masculine is able to surrender into the vulnerability of receiving that allows a person’s infinite wellspring of love to be felt by those they adore.

This is why the journey of the masculine involves learning how to equally give and receive with honor, humility, and heartfelt sincerity. When unconscious, this theme serves to awaken the masculine as it learns over time how the negativity it projects outward only creates greater inner conflict. As the masculine awakens to the importance of the Divine feminine, all self- serving tendencies and know-it-all defense mechanisms melt into a greater interest in the well-being of others.

As this occurs, a timeless defender of truth that the masculine so often embodies transforms into a devoted servant of love. How long it takes for such a transition to occur is often determined by how guarded the masculine remains, insisting on protecting the very feminine energy it is unknowingly afraid to let in and fully embrace."

May this passage help you end all aspects of inner conflict and birth within you transformed partnerships of inspiration, joy, passion, truth, and love for the evolution of all.

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Whether embracing your inner warrior, giving thanks to those who have represent a sense of true safety, honoring your innate qualities of leadership, or embracing your own self-confidence at a deeper level, may today be a day where the highest potential of masculine qualities learns to respect, acknowledge, and welcome the divine feminine with more integrity, love, and consciousness than ever before.

Here I am, honoring my divine feminine. Who in your life, whether within or throughout, calls out for you to acknowledge?

All For Love,

Matt Kahn

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