4 Transformative Audios 
To Accelerate Your Healing Journey

Download 4 of Matt Kahn’s most powerful teachings in one fell swoop! This package includes some of Matt’s most potent content streamlined from his events all over the world. These episodes include more than 6 hours of content that will immediately work to transform your most challenging circumstances.

In this package you will receive:

1.  My Unlimited Value

Length: 1:44:37

Through Matt’s masterful interweaving of story, humor and potent clearings and activations this teaching will empower you to move away from the old paradigm of identifying ‘what is wrong’ and catapult you into potent present moment awareness that there is actually nothing wrong and that you are truly filled with Unlimited Value. 

2.  Entering The Miraculous

Length:  1:24:37 

In this powerful teaching, Matt guides you to become reacquainted with the part of you-- the absolute perfection -- that wanted to be here, exactly as you are-- no matter how circumstances are presenting themselves.

3.  The Perfection Of Reality

Length:  1:07:52 

In this potent episode, Matt Kahn guides you through a process that helps to reconcile the question: Why is this happening to me?  As Matt explains, the result is an activation of what he calls Zero Point Reality - a sustainable experience of life where you exit the ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’ tailspin once and for all.

4. The Golden Question

Length:  2:01:52 

In this episode Matt Kahn poses “The Golden Question” - a radically different way of relating to everyday experiences that can catapult us into authentically experiencing, manifesting, and celebrating every single day of life as ecstatic co-creative force.