Generosity is the New Freedom

by Matt Kahn

While the insights uncovered along a spiritual journey remain timeless in discovery, we are living in such a time of growth and intensity where the paths of earlier generations merely paved the way for a brand new approach to healing, awakening, and transformation. Because we are living in such accelerated periods of collective expansion, gone are the days of just sitting back and reflecting on the nature of existence, when our current climate of social distress and societal pressures urge us to take a stand for the values we believe in — to manifest our inner light into externalized action. As our current climate of unraveling urges us to put our deepest truths into action, it celebrates a time in history where the division between what is known and how we respond is dissolving to pioneer a more aligned, intentional, and integral human being.

It is as if all previous generations succeeded at helping to initially awaken the collective mind of our deepest spiritual aspirations, as we now undertake the mission of moving the awakened consciousness from the collective mind into the heart of an evolving humanity.

In previous generations of inner growth, the focus of inquiry leaned towards the discovery of free will as a means of liberating each individual from the karmic plight of ancestral imprinting. Along these paths, emotional triggers, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and the presence of personal fears gave credence to varying degrees of emotional imprisonment. As a remedy, the focus of awakening one’s free will acted as an impending parole date for the aspirant who yearned to exchange victimhood for the liberated relief of spiritual victory. For some, glimpses of liberation blossomed within the subtleties of daily experience. For a select few, ground-breaking experiences arose that only further perpetuated the allure of expanded reality for those still in spiritual pursuit. For most, a steadfast belief in free will inspired intriguing discussions and definitions while maintaining alliances with a repetitive handful of self-defeating choices.

"...we set aside the focus of free will in exchange for an opportunity to spread good will."

Whether as a means of freeing yourself from the pursuit of free will that fueled such existential tail-chasing, or as a newly-awakening spiritual millennial yearning to find a path of insights that matches the desires and concerns of today’s evolving times, we set aside the focus of free will in exchange for an opportunity to spread good will. This is why generosity is the new freedom.

Generosity is the movement of abundance in action. Abundance is the richness of having enough to share. If you have a sandwich in front of you and give half to someone who is hungry, such generosity celebrates a deep acceptance of abundance as the mindful awareness of how to best utilize our evolving resources to satisfy the needs of any given moment. In previous generations, such instantaneous philanthropy was often suspended for a future pending moment, where abundance could only be widely shared once we’ve reached an exaggerated sum of wealth. Just as many have fantasized about how much more compassionate they’ll be once they awaken, while nearly beating themselves into submission on a meditation cushion, there are those who are waiting to be generous once they reach certain levels of inflated wealth. When abundance is no longer imagined as the moment we finally have it all, but having enough to share with those in need around us, the true beauty of our free will is honored as the inspiration of grace in action.

Even when you only have enough food to feed yourself or your family, a modern-day journey reminds us that through giving others a moment of our time, sharing encouraging words of affirmation, offering an unsolicited smile, or even providing greater space for the frustrations and uncertainties that arise to be healed, a heart brimming with generosity always has gifts to provide others as a way of spreading our light around the planet.

When the contemplation of free will is exchanged for a willingness to instigate moments of good will, it’s incredible how much less of a spiritual to-do list remains to be completed and how free you naturally feel. Perhaps one of the greatest clues to personal salvation is not the words that any revered guru has ever spoken, but acknowledging the actions of generosity demonstrated whenever one dares to care for the wellbeing of others as if they are a favorite family member.

"...a heart brimming with generosity always has gifts to provide others as a way of spreading our light around the planet."

As awakening consciousness moves from the collective mind of expanded concepts and into the global heart of inspired action, the notion of family won’t be limited to bloodlines or connections found in last names. Instead, the idea of a relative can illuminate the remembrance of others as relative extensions of our one eternal truth. When all things are honored as equally unique expressions of light at varying degrees of self-awareness, we are able to meet the similarities and differences of mankind with openness, patience, reverence, and respect. The question isn’t how many practices will it take to get to the center of our soul’s potential, but how many instances of generosity will it require to remember the truth of our eternal being – all throughout a play where perhaps others only appear to be in need, in order to give our light a place to be focused, offered, and shared for the greater expansion of the whole.

When the infinite ways in which free will can be contemplated, discussed, or debated is relinquished to make more space for generosity to be expressed, the distribution issue existing between the haves and have-nots dissolves to reveal the radiance of one I AM shining brightly in every heart.

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