The Humility of Humble Beginnings

by Matt Kahn

Humility can be a funny thing. It is both the effects of a life that grows out of humble beginnings, as well as an innate quality that some seem to naturally embody more than others. When not shrouded in insecurity or unworthiness, humility is the fragrance of an evolved soul. As we rejoice in how profoundly the vibration of love is awakening in so many hearts, and as you join me in taking the Love Revolution to all corners of the globe, I wanted to share with you an intimate look into the evolution of my journey.

While there were some painful ego dynamics at play, I was, by and large, raised in a loving family by two hard-working parents. My parents didn’t want me to ever know that I was raised in a household where they each worked a few jobs to “get by” and provide me with an abundant childhood. This instilled in me a profoundly focused work ethic, drive, and ambition, as a way of thanking my parents for working so hard on my behalf. Even when I found my calling and began sharing my gifts on stage, I never grew complacent or stopped evolving— simply because of the joy I find in working hard at the thing I am most passionate about: the spiritual evolution of each human being.

When I began teaching, long before the era of ties and sweater vests, I bought myself a pair of $49.00 semi-dressy Sketcher shoes that I wore for the next 9 years. 

I used the same laptop for over 11 years, and had it rebuilt and upgraded, while writing facebook posts, “Whatever Arises, Love That” and “Everything is Here to Help You”. Even as the popularity of my YouTube videos grew, I was so afraid of everything being taken away, so I just saved my money to match the mentality of my parents. When I was a kid, each and every time my parents were on a financial upswing, some snafu of unexpected cost would bring them back to the same “scraping by” dog fight they had known too well. As I began succeeding, I recognized layers of imprinting from seeing my parents live out this dynamic and it made me more afraid of losing what I had than being excited for the blessings I was receiving.

When my romantic relationship with Julie ended many years ago, we decided to continue working together for the evolution of these teachings. Still unable to move out on my own, I moved myself onto the living room couch for the next 3 years. In between events, as I went through the profound upgrades and transmutation of kundalini awakening, the majority of my time was spent wrapped in a blanket with a living room couch as my steadfast companion. Eventually, my success afforded me the ability to move into my own apartment. My lower back was so used to sleeping on a couch that I actually had to adjust to the comfort and support of sleeping in a bed for the first time in many years!

In the beginning, I had to literally watch every penny as my career was created from the ground up, transforming the heart of humanity, literally one person at a time.

I couldn’t afford to go out for ice cream (coconut milk-based of course), so I went out for ice cream samples. When you are doing what needs to be done and by any means necessary, you learn to be creative. All the while, my parents would ask me if I needed any money. I thanked them but humbly refused each and every time. They had already been so generous and now it was time for me to create my own destiny. I wanted to do it on my own, no matter how uncomfortable it was, or how many things I had to live without.

Day after day, I rolled up my sleeves, put my head down, and worked with every fiber of my being to serve every person who came my way. Just like kids who would practice shooting hoops hoping to one day be like LeBron James or Michael Jordan, I worked on myself and served the healing of others, hoping to one day be like my hero, Wayne Dyer.

Wrapped in a blanket, shaking from the rewiring of my nervous system throughout each stage of Kundalini Awakening and “Dark Night of the Soul”, I watched Wayne on PBS, feeling at the core of my being: that is where I am meant to be. Was it a pipe dream or a long-awaited destiny? Only a matter of time and hard work would tell the tale.

I remember being inspired by the Best Friend’s Animal Society and wanting to attend their Gala as they rescued and rehabilitated Michael Vick’s pitbulls. At that time, I couldn’t afford a ticket, but on their website they advertised needing an intuitive reader. The next thing you know, I’m at the event I couldn’t afford, offering intuitive readings to each gala guest, while eating Wolfgang Puck’s food and watching The Bangles perform.

I thought to myself, “If I’m going to be like Wayne Dyer, I have to start speaking in front of people, not just doing readings.”

So that’s what I did. Wherever there was a microphone and an audience, I would show up and give it my all, as if I was speaking in front of thousands. Even when there was just a handful of people in front of me, I’d tell myself, “This is my PBS special. That’s just the front row. There are so many people here, you can’t even see them. The lights are too bright to see how big this crowd is!”

My first speaking engagement was as a guest speaker for the Denver UFO society. They were interested in my healing transmission, but could only afford to pay me whatever anyone donated into their Alien head bucket that they pass around at each meeting. The vision of an Alien head bucket being passed around struck me as so hilariously random that I had to use each and every resource to make it happen. I spoke at open mic nights in coffee houses, where the melody of my teachings was woven throughout the sound of hard-working espresso machines.

As I became more and more successful, the first thing I did was pay my parents back every dollar I borrowed to attend a college I never finished. I wrote them a check and thanked them for inspiring me to be who I was born to become.

My first “event” was a gathering in my living room. It was attended by 4 people. From 4 people it grew and grew, and here we are, leading the Love Revolution to all cities, states, countries, and continents.

With tears streaming down my face as I write these words, I share with you my story because it is our story. 

Whether you are still sleeping on the couch of preparation or trying to figure out how to bring your inner gifts to life, each of us has a journey that will produce the fruits of our long-awaited destiny, simply by faithfully doing the work at hand and moving forward, one step at a time.

This is why I will always post free videos on YouTube. This is why I’ve wanted to offer live-streaming to ensure my teachings are accessible and affordable for all. This is why my event tickets will always be reasonably priced. This is why I’m always approachable. This is why a portion of my proceeds in the “All For Love” era will be donated to charity. I am simply too humbled by my journey, grateful for my ability to serve the evolution of humanity, and ecstatic to work on behalf of the Universe as my lifelong guide, guardian, and most faithful companion.

Thank you Universe for guiding me beyond my darkest hours and into the light of my highest destiny. Thank you Mom and Dad for your dedication and support. Thank you Shannon for seeing me beyond the notions of “your weird spiritual brother”. Thank you Wayne Dyer for inspiring my life’s direction. Thank you Neale Donald Walsch for inviting me to speak on your stage, at a time when most people in this field regarded me as nobody. Thank you Julie for being at my side for so many years and for your tireless dedication to serving the evolution of these teachings.

Thank you Maureen Moss and the World Puja Network for giving me an initial platform. Thank you Tami Simon and Sounds True for publishing my first book and giving me an amazing editor who taught me how to focus my writing into book form. Thank you Dr. Christiane Northrup for believing in me. Thank you Hay House for making my dreams come true. Thank you Kyle Cease for being the kind of friend I’ve always wanted. I love you brother.

Thank you Peggy, Alison, Todd, Kenny, Justin, Bob, Christian, Pam, and my entire team for the work you do to allow me to shine for the well-being of all. Thank you to Ali for your unconditional love, infinite wisdom, nurturing support, and elegant grace. I’ve always been a kind, hard-working person, but it is your love that has set me free and helped my inner child become the man I’m so proud to be.

Thank you to each and every one of you for the opportunity to serve your soul’s evolution. We are just getting started and it only gets more exciting from here.

To infinity and beyond!

All for light. All for Life. All for love. 

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