Length: 1:44:36

Matt delivers a powerful teaching to connect you with one of the most important energetic principles of what he calls ‘5th Dimensional’ reality → Recognizing Your Unlimited Value.

​In this segment Matt guides you to move past the laundry list of what you need to do or accomplish so you can simply recognize your wondrous existence as it stands right now. Through Matt’s masterful interweaving of story, humor and potent clearings and activations this teaching will empower you to move away from the old paradigm of identifying ‘what is wrong’ and catapult you into potent present moment awareness that there is actually nothing wrong and that you are truly filled with Unlimited Value.

This teaching is ideal for those of us who overthink, doubt, question of we are ‘doing the right things’ and constantly feel that we are missing out on the greatness of life.

This teaching segment was recorded live at the Omega Institute in July 2018.