A free call series to unite the world in loving action

While there are so many disheartening images in view, each one serves a higher purpose of calling us into swift action when we choose to answer the call of our awakening consciousness. So many of us yearn to answer such a call by being the change we wish to see, but how do we actually do that in a way that makes sense to the details and demands of our everyday lives? 

This is why I created Project Resolution: a free monthly call series to unite our intentions, align our vibrations, and aim our desires for a heart-centered society-- to create tangible change from an energetic and emotional perspective. 

You’ve heard of the power of prayer circles. You’ve seen the effects of group meditation. Now we take things a step further by gathering on a monthly basis to receive guidance channeled from Spirit, and implement the exact action steps that complement the Divine Plan already under way:

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(Offered every second month beginning Sept. 2021)
A Quantum Leap Into Your Unlimited Power

If you would like to live in a world of expansion without being traumatized by news headlines, and learn how to offer your most miraculous energetic gifts for the benefit of all, this call series will act as a quantum leap into your unlimited power as an evolving Earth Angel and Lightworker. 

Only through unity will all layers and levels of separation and suffering be resolved; but not all of us are meant to take to the streets in protest. Instead, we’ve been equipped with an energy field of highly-charged frequencies of healing light that has the power to accelerate humanity’s expansion, as we come together as One with a common purpose, desire, and goal of transforming our world. 

If you are ready to be on the frontlines of the energetic revolution of heart-centered consciousness to help facilitate greater healing in your life by serving the expansion of the whole, please join me each first Thursday of the month at 11:11am (Pacific). We’re embarking on an inspiring, uplifting, and courageous journey into the liberated relief of true global resolve. As always, each call will include free replays to deepen your healing by the energetic contributions you make.

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(Offered every second month beginning Sept. 2021)
More About Matt

Matt Kahn is the author of the best-selling books Whatever Arises, Love That and Everything Is Here To Help You. He is a spiritual teacher, and highly attuned empathic healer who has become a YouTube sensation with his healing and often humorous videos. His over 14 million YouTube channel viewers are finding the support they seek to feel more loved, awakened, and opened to the greatest possibilities in life through the invitation to join the “Love Revolution That Begins with You.”

Matt’s spontaneous awakening arose out of an out-of-body experience at the age of eight, and through his direct experiences with Ascended Masters and Archangels throughout his life. Using his intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and direct knowing, Matt feels the emotions of others and is able to pinpoint what blocks any heart from opening. As a result, he brings forth revolutionary teachings through both the written and spoken word that assist energetically sensitive beings in healing the body, awakening the soul, and transforming reality through the power of love.

Step Into The Change You’ve Been Waiting To See

We’ve sensed the need for change and we have envisioned the hope for a brighter future. Now is the time to stand tall in present moment reality, united as One Eternal Truth, calling Earth’s highest destiny out of the future to meet us — here and now.

If you are ready to be the change you’ve been waiting to see, then please join me and all global members of the Love Revolution for a forward-thinking journey of love in action.

YES! Register Me Now for this Free  Call Series
(Offered every second month beginning Sept. 2021)