Angel Academies

Angel Academy 13: You Are Not Alone

Includes 9 downloadable videos with over 9 hours of content

While this planet seems to be at a crossroads, we are actually living out an incredible tipping point in history. In order for such a shift to occur, many sensitive, empathic, heart-centered beings such as yourself are entering a new level of empowerment, embodiment, and energetic attunement.

This is why this new offering of Angel Academy was created. It will assist you in opening and furthering this shift, so you can hone your empathic abilities, learn to stay true to yourself and the boundaries you need, have a clear understanding of your inner guidance, and stand in your power without apologizing, people-pleasing, or hiding in co-dependent patterning.

While no previous experience in Angel Academy is necessary, this brand-new season of offerings is here to help you feel more hopeful about life, your place in the Universe, and your experience on planet Earth, honor your intuition, embrace discernment, and maintain the boundaries you need without thinking you’re being judgmental, stop struggling and cycling in survival mode and victimhood, calm the voice of your inner critic with kindness and compassion, and be more connected to Source, no matter how ungrounded, disconnected, reactive, or fearful others may be. In Angel Academy 13 – You Are Not Alone, you'll find a depth of empowerment that helps you fully be in the world with renewed inner strength and confidence, and a calm inner knowing no matter what takes place around you. 


Angel Academy 12: Holding a Space for a New Humanity

During a pivotal time in our Earth’s history, the time has come for each of us to step into our highest living potential. Join Matt and activate the power of your own inner healer, learn how to interact with others from a space of authentic presence and peace, and become the very solution our world yearns to discover.

This 8 week program is an exploration into the new spiritual paradigm with new insights, energetic transmissions, daily practices, and functional processes to help you become more empowered, embody the uniqueness of your light and learn how to hold immaculate space for yourself, your loved ones, and your evolving world.


Angel Academy 11: Becoming Your Higher Self

This chapter of Angel Academy is a truly sacred offering that helps you merge your personal self with your higher self so you can experience the connection, consciousness, and clarity you deserve and desire. This series will help you rise above the vibration of adversity,  and teach you practical ways to reclaim and embody your authentic power without taking on the emotional density of those around you.

Each call of this 8-week series will feature brand new downloads and energetic transmissions to help you commune in oneness with your higher self as a natural and effortlessly-lived experience with each call featuring an activation to upgrade each chakra to the vibration, consciousness, and reality of your higher self in form. 


Angel Academy 10: Creating a New Consciousness

Are you tired of feeling held back, disempowered, overly-self critical, and afraid?  Are you ready to co-create a life of passion, excitement, and inspiration? If so, then join Matt Kahn for this 9 week program that features extensive downloads and teachings along with cutting-edge processes of transformation that help you take giant leaps forward in your soul’s evolution. Each call features some of the most sacred healing energy Matt transmits.

During this series, you will become a conscious co-creator without the ego’s influence, eliminate sticking points that cause fatigue, overwhelm, boredom, and frustration, learn the powerful techniques Matt learned from the Universe to co-create reality and more...


Angel Academy 9: Entering the Akashic Records

For the first time ever, Matt will guide you into the Akashic Records to directly align with your soul’s purpose, mission, and journey.

Each call will help you learn how to best access the Akashic Records, as well as demystifying many common myths to help you eliminate the fear, superstition, exhaustion, and confusion of ego.

If you are ready to live in direct contact with Source energy and align all aspects of your reality with your soul’s highest purpose, then please join Matt and the entire All For Love global community for a ground-breaking 9 week series.


Angel Academy 8: Reclaim Your Divine Power

Matt Kahn and Julie Dittmar in a vortex of Divine transformation. As this powerful healing energy transmission is received, your entire body of cells and your consciousness are given the support to transform all areas of your life in the most loving, compassionate, and joyful way. 

Whether consumed by the controversies of current events, inundated by the energies of the collective, or overwhelmed by gravity of your healing journey, there is a doorway of eternal freedom within you that awaits your direct recognition. As this doorway of freedom opens up, a life of struggle, stress, pain, judgment, burden, worry, and concern transforms into the endless passion, infinite joy, unwavering faith, and unlimited power that you were always meant to discover and embody. From this space, a life beyond the pitfalls of suffering reveals a love that has no end.


Angel Academy 7: Activating the Chakras and Light Body

Experience clearings and activations for each chakra or energy center along with the latest energy updates, teachings, and transmissions of energy. Angel Academy 7 is the most immediate way to have direct support for the energetics of awakening (which may include kundalini rising) and to move through “ascension symptoms” with greater peace and ease.

Angel Academy 7 is a Divinely-appointed opportunity to reclaim your power by activating your chakras and light body, learn how to ground, balance your energy field in a brand new way and accelerate your healing journey with greater peace and ease, release the density of the collective unconsciousness,  awaken the joy, inspiration, and passion of your Soul’s highest purpose, collapse outdated timelines and beliefs from the old paradigm and experience the reality of ascension exactly where you are.


Angels Academy 6: Reuniting with the Light of All

Are you ready to awaken the divine characteristics of your true authentic self and manifest your most fulfilling reality? Isn't it time to ease the pain, hardships, frustrations, and uncertainties of life by entering into the beauty, ecstasy, and joy of your true miraculous nature? If so, then please join Matt Kahn and Julie Dittmar for a deeply healing and heart-opening 9-week spiritual adventure. 

This Angel Academy 6 telegathering course is an opportunity to enhance your intuitive connection to the Universe with clarity, simplicity, and ease, become a heart-centered co-creator of your reality once and for all, return all aspects of shadow to the light of your highest self, transition from healing or clearing the past to activating your absolute potential and rediscover the passion, excitement, radiance, and enthusiasm as a fully embodied soul.


Angel Academy 5: Fulfilling Your Divine Destiny

Are you ready to discover your true purpose in life? Are you excited to step into the light of your highest potential? Isn’t it time to remember who you really are and to fulfill your destiny for the liberation of all? Are you ready to harmonize with the will of the Universe and melt away every unconscious pattern, fear, and judgment in the most heart-centered way?

If so, then please join us for Angel Academy 5, “Fulfilling Your Divine Destiny” and take this opportunity to learn the true purpose of why you are here, discover how to fulfill your divine destiny with ease, grace, passion, and joy, learn how to become a catalyst of healing for the world around you, and tap into the unlimited power, absolute potential, and infinite abundance of your highest self.

It also serves as the most-timely delivery of energetic support to reach you right where you are at, right here, right now.


Angel Academy 4: The Highest Vibration of All

Are you excited to be healed, awakened, and transformed by the highest vibration of all? Isn’t it time to discover the highest vibration within you as your personal contribution to the evolution of humanity? Are you ready for the long-awaited radical change that melts away every unconscious pattern, fear, and judgment in the most heart-centered way?

Angel Academy 4 is an opportunity for you to shift from clearing the collective to anchoring new energy for the healing of all, learn how to be in the world without being bombarded by the energy of others, activate the highest vibration to heal your physical body, access your Akashic record through the wisdom of your heart, learn how to co-create your reality with instantaneous manifestation and attract infinite flowing prosperity in the most heart-centered way.


Angel Academy 3: A Course in Mastery

As you are guided through each stage of light body activation, you are liberated from the burden and turmoil of the collective unconsciousness to become a fully-embodied expression of love in action. Through the transmission of 5th and 8th dimensional teachings and energetic upgrades, each call serves to remove every barrier and assist you in fulfilling your soul’s true purpose in the most miraculous and heart centered way. 

Angel Academy 3 is an opportunity to learn a brand new way to dissolve family contracts and karma, understand the purpose and perfection of spirit guides, make peace with your inner child to manifest unlimited abundance and awaken the joy, inspiration, and passion of your highest destiny, and access your soul’s infinite wisdom and absolute power.


Angel Academy 2: Awaken the Light of the soul and Manifest Your Highest Potential

Based on the visions Matt received about the Angel Academy 2, this series unfolds as a truly miraculous, uplifting, and wildly transformative experience. Each week includes the latest teachings that Matt downloads directly from the Universe, and also features either an energetic clearing or activation to help you dissolve anything that feels lingering and unresolved, so you may manifest your highest potential into form now.

Angel Academy 2 is an opportunity for you to transform fear into excitement, to receive clear direction on your true life purpose, access your soul’s infinite wisdom and absolute power, and to experience Divine harmony – no matter the situation or circumstance.


Angel Academy 1

The Angel Academy is a profound opportunity to explore the miraculous energetic aspects of awakening from a 5th and 8th dimensional perspective, which allows your soul's journey to blossom with ease, joy, peace, and love every step of the way. These 7 weeks of telegatherings include Matt Kahn's energetically-charged transmission of presence to help raise your vibration and expand your energy field, as you are upgraded into higher timelines of miraculous possibility.

Each telegathering with Matt Kahn and Julie Dittmar acts as a virtual activation chamber, where you can celebrate the radiance, wholeness, and perfection of your soul's highest potential without needing problems, imbalances, dilemmas, and dramas to inspire you into more heart-centered, conscious action. If you're ready to play at full capacity, and shine brighter than ever before, then you are ready to join this journey.


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