The Will Smith Incident: Where Do We Grow From Here

by Matt Kahn

Condemning another person's morality remains a healable impulse for those whose morality remains in question. All too often when taking sides in an argument, we are furthering a divide in a world destined to unite. Therefore, while justice shall always remain the consequence of unconscious behavior, it is the consciousness of those witnessing such actions that can help transform the actions in view. 

This occurs by viewing the acting out of ethical low points as a personal crisis to address and not a side to take in arguments occurring between varying degrees of judgment. Whether you’ve seen the footage, have tuned it out, are tired of hearing about it, or are still processing its effects, it felt important to embrace this recent precedent as an opportunity to help move humanity forward with heart-centered empowerment. 

While I do not condone violence in any way, my prayer is that Will Smith seeks the counsel and clarity he needs to become even more of a role model to those he has and will inspire through his presence and body of work. May blessings be sent to Jada Pinkett Smith for all she is healing along her journey. May this moment bring more awareness to alopecia, so we may be more aware of the differences and struggles others are facing. May this moment bless Chris Rock with all the resolve his heart requires. May humor be utilized as a release of inner pressure created from a depth of perspective at no one's personal expense. May the families of Will and Chris strengthen their bonds to help a loved one in need. 

And, may we as an evolving conscious community, no longer use moments of misfortune as a feeding frenzy for societal projection. 

Knowing in the depths of our soul, it is never taking one side over another that elucidates the importance of sounding our voice, but blessing the journey of others that celebrates the power of our voices being heard. 

As always, feel free to have any opinion you wish. While knowing that the words we express and the intention behind them are what help us see how often we are moving in an evolutionary direction, or slowing the pace of expansion in exchange for a chance to condemn the actions of others. 

As a way of honoring all perspectives, even for those who question whether this event at the Oscars was real or staged, whether it was or wasn't the opportunity has been given to embrace this moment as a tangible step forward in humanity's evolution. That's the very power of unity consciousness that manipulation will never be able to see, harness, or stop. 

This is truly where we, as a humanity, learn how the spiritual power of love is not a gift in response to ideal behavior. Instead, the spiritual power of love is a value we embrace to help reform the imbalances in view, so to continually fertilize the soil of our planet for greater acceptance, humility, equality, and inclusivity to blossom. 

May we stop even for one moment in time, as a pattern interruption for condemning any person’s behavior to ask ourselves the question,

“How can this moment bring something even more inspired out of me in service to those whose healing journey has deepened?” 

May we recognize how the nature of judgment, while appearing to be a refusal to tolerate egregious behavior is how we become more aligned with unconsciousness, just to have things to criticize and place in categories, while confusing projections of shame as meaningful contributions in any person’s life.

May love prevail as a light liberating all who hide in the shadows of darkness, allowing this planet to be a space of safety and inclusivity as we all learn and grow together. May we unite together as One, loving each other more not less, and may it begin with you.

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