The sacred energy contained in our AA10 connection is a power so precious; the current of human lightworker awakening is so potent; and, so essential is this time in history…

...the calls must continue.

I’ve heard your voices, read your written comments, felt the healing expansiveness and anchoring of light that comes with regularly connecting as a unified group in this powerful AA10 series.

As AA10 comes to a close, a new door is opening. You’ve asked – and it is my honor and privilege to partner with the Universe in delivering the new

Total Integration includes two live calls per month to help you stay aligned, in the flow, and best of all, to support you in integrating all the new levels of consciousness awakening within you.

Whether yearning to embody the wisdom absorbed from these teachings, or integrate all the positive effects you’ve received from other paths, teachings, modalities, and processes, the Total Integration Program helps you digest everything you’ve spiritually received to manifest your fully embodied potential.

During each live call;

I will walk you through practices and processes specifically channeled to help you take purifying and cleansing moments of relief, no matter the details and demands that bombard your attention. This bi-monthly call series has been designed to help melt away the perceived stresses and barriers of a demanding human life, while staying steeped, aligned, and grounded in the incredibly sacred energy transmitted during the Angel Academy experience. 

Each call of the Total Integration Program is intuitively-designed to help you:

  • Create sacred space in your life to digest and assimilate all the wisdom within you.
  • Allow your physical, mental, and emotional body to heal and be restored to a state of ease.
  • Take your spiritual practices deeper and further to maximize their benefit, value, and potency.
  • Establish time that is solely dedicated to deepening self-love and inner-reflection.
  • Unravel the overstimulated nervous system to find true safety in the world.
  • Clear away all the suffering, doubt, fear and confusion to bring your gifts and purpose to life.
  • Release your inner critic and be more consistent with your practices with joyful ease. 

Do you wish you had more time to digest your healing journey and make room for more miracles to occur? Would you love a way to put all the teachings and practices into action with the support of a heart-centered community of like-minded souls? 

If you are ready to manifest the most incredible results in the most intimate, connected, and fulfilling way, then you are ready for Total Integration.

With Ever-Expanding Deep & Intimate Love,


More Awesomeness About Total Integration:

Live calls will take place every other Wednesday at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT.

In addition to 2 live calls every month, inaugural participants receive the following gifts:

  • FREE access to all sessions within Angel Academies 1 - 9.  This is access to 78 amazing sessions Matt facilitated over the last 5 years.  The regular price for this package alone is over $2,200.

  • 20% discounts on all future live Angel Academies
  • 20% discount on Matt’s All For Love retreats (1 per year)

The investment for Total Integration is $399 / year - a price that includes these benefits and discounts.

We’re also offering monthly participation at $39 / month that does not include the additional discounts or access to the 78 sessions within Angel Academies 1 - 9.