Total Living Freedom

This 3-day retreat is a collection of 6 video sessions totaling 9 hours of unprecedented teachings for those ready to experience freedom from over-thinking, over-processing, and over-analyzing the healing journey and life, as a way of returning to the unlimited power and radiant freedom of the true Presence of being. 

For a life-changing exploration, and experiential gift full of guided meditations, activations and energetic leavening -- this retreat is for all who are ready to rise within, and peacefully live in, total freedom amidst the turmoil of a human race, and an ever-divided world undergoing unprecedented levels of change.

This one is special...

So special, in fact, that we were called to share it with our audience, and the world ... and what a pleasure it is to share it with you! 

Our "Total Living Freedom" retreat was created as a unique, private, virtual gathering of a small group of people who had been holding tickets for a live, in-person retreat in Portland, OR for two years (due to pandemic cancellations). The intimate connections created by Matt with this incredible group co-created a space where some pure energetic magic happened—even Matt walked away from the weekend different than how he entered it. 

Rather than writing many descriptive words, we wanted to give you a taste of the energy through experiencing the first session yourself.  Click here to view on YouTube

Now, we invite you to take the rest of that journey with Matt, and the beautiful energies blended within this sacred space, as you're guided in returning to the ever-present energetic fountain of support for living a life of peaceful freedom within the struggles of human life.

Here's a brief overview of this retreat package:

Friday - Session 1:

  • Exploring Freedom "from" vs. Freedom "within"
  • Loving yourself exactly as you are right now equal to the one you wish you were, or are working hard to become
  • Moving out from 'process' to presence
  • Ushering in change with greater clarity and ease

Friday - Session 2:

  • Entering 'emptiness'—getting to know your natural state
  • Returning to the birth of each brand-new moment
  • Allowing the Universe to transform on your behalf, rather than trying to do it all yourself
  • Honoring your body as holy ground and a timeless work of art

Saturday - Session 1:

  • Freeing yourself from object consciousness
  • A powerful guided interactive experience
  • The importance of balancing compassion with self-awareness

Saturday - Session 2:

  • Connecting vs. correcting
  • When, and how to, to dispense wisdom to others, and when not to.
  • Deepening the equalizing of compassion and self-awareness

Sunday - Session 1:

  • Viewing life from the spiral staircase of ever-evolving expansion
  • Facing pain that hides in socially-acceptable addictive patterning
  • How to actually 'feel good now'
  • Exploring the constructive path and the downfall of doing too much deconstructive inner work
  • Finding true tangible self-acceptance—now

Sunday - Session 2:

  • 'Compassion as a superpower'
  • Finding what's right about each moment
  • Becoming an authentic giver and empowered space holder
  • Guided empowerment process
  • Anchoring the light of complete living freedom

This retreat package includes unlimited access to each video session—once purchased, it's yours forever! Also included are audio files of each session which can be downloaded to any device so you can listen to these teachings anywhere...anytime!

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