Join Matt Kahn's Ongoing Program - 2 Live Calls Every Month to Digest, Integrate & Embody Your Highest Living Potential

Are you ready to live the highest truth as a fully embodied reality? Do you wish you had more time to digest your healing journey and create space for a new 'unlimited potential' to unfold? Would you love to put all the teachings and practices into action with the on-going support of a trusted Guide? Would you appreciate a safe space to connect with others, share your unique experiences as others share theirs, and build spiritual community?

If so, then please join us, along with the love revolution members from all corners of the globe, for our ongoing membership program.

As a gift of energetic support, and so you can experience the power of these calls firsthand, please enjoy this April 28, 2021 Total Integration session:

What You’ll Experience:

Total Integration supports our deepest desire to help you manifest the full potency of Matt’s teachings into all areas of your life. We’ve created it as a way to help you take a deep breath of relief. 

During each live call, Matt will walk you through practices and processes specifically channeled to help your body heal from lifetimes of trauma, unravel limiting belief patterns, reconnect in more sovereign alignment with the Universe, and learn how to navigate the uncertainty of our rapidly changing world with compassion, self-worth, renewed confidence, greater inspiration, and the ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries when needed. 

Additionally, one week after each live call, you will receive a TI member newsletter written by Matt with tips, teaching reiterations, Q&As and integration exercises to further support your process. This program has been designed to help you stay steeped, aligned, and grounded in the incredibly sacred energy being transmitted through Matt’s most up-to-date and potent teachings.

Facilitating these calls every two weeks, with special supplementary newsletters delivered on alternate weeks, provides a consistency that will amplify your ability to stay grounded amid the ‘ups and downs’ of living a human life. Each Total Integration call is intuitively-designed to help you:

  • Create sacred space in your life to digest and assimilate all the wisdom within you.
  • Allow your physical, mental, and emotional body to heal and be restored to a state of ease.
  • Establish new patterns of inspired thoughts and actions to eliminate self-sabotage.
  • Take your spiritual practices deeper and further to maximize their benefit, value, and potency.
  • Establish time that is solely dedicated to deepening self-love and inner-reflection.
  • Unravel the overstimulated nervous system to find true safety in the world.
  • Clear away all the suffering, doubt, fear and confusion to bring your gifts and purpose to life.
  • Release your inner critic and be more consistent with your practices with joyful ease. 

If you are ready for the Universe to guide you step-by-step throughout each level of your soul’s journey and to help you manifest the most incredible results in the most exciting and fulfilling way, then you are ready to enter the bliss of Total Integration:

“When we have decided the exact gifts we wish to share, our consciousness becomes more rooted in receiving the gifts we offer, instead of taking on the emotional density our energy field heals in others.” 

- Matt Kahn

An Amazing Opportunity To Connect:

As part of this ongoing program, Matt will facilitate Q&A’s with students to make sure questions are answered that serve the needs of the individual inquiring - and the group as a whole.

The commitment is $39 / month and the live calls will take place every other Wednesday at 4pm PT / 7pm ET with supplemental newsletters from Matt sent on the alternate weeks.

Please note that when subscribing to a monthly membership, your membership will automatically renew each month and payment will be made (on the day of the month of your original purchase) until you decide to end it. 

For information about our cancellation policy please click here.

We’ve also assembled answers to the most frequently asked questions about Total Integration, and you can view those by clicking here.

More About Matt

Matt Kahn is the author of the best-selling books Whatever Arises, Love That, Everything Is Here to Help You and The Universe Always Has A Plan. He is a spiritual teacher, and highly attuned empathic healer who serves the awakening and evolution of all sentient beings through his heart-centered offerings. His global audience is finding the support they seek to feel more loved, awakened and empowered to the greatest possibilities in life during this critical time in history.

Matt’s spontaneous awakening arose from of an out-of-body experience in early childhood, and through his direct experiences with Ascended Masters and Archangels throughout his life. Using his intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and direct knowing, Matt brings forth revolutionary teachings through both the written and spoken word that assist energetically sensitive beings in healing the body, awakening the soul, and transforming reality through the power of love.

What Others Say:

"I just want to say an extremely heartfelt thank you for the info and energy that you are transmitting. It’s changed my life, and I believe that because of you, one of my biggest triggers has FINALLY been healed. Your words “always be respectful” landed in my body deeply. My energy has shifted, and I will never be the same in the best possible way. Thank you so much. Words honestly cannot express how grateful I am.”

-Laurie M

"You've been a wonderful guide for me and have helped me be at peace with myself after many, many years of self-berating. I finally feel a way out of the muck, and I'm truly grateful. Even after a lifetime of learning, growing, teaching, and counseling, my time with you and your videos has opened up new worlds for me, and brought more clarity, vision and comfort with the unknown. Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!”


"I feel like you are the kindergarten teacher for newly reborn souls: welcoming us and leading us through so sweetly and gently; making our inner children feel so safe and loved. As we enter Heaven’s gates, you are there ushering us through and introducing us to our new life. Thank you.”

-Sienna F

A Personal Invitation from Matt

My Dear Friend,

Imagine: You come home from a long day. Maybe unforeseen complications made for a particularly grueling work environment. Perhaps it was just an extra-sensitive day of sensory overload from all the new energy coming to the planet and the emotional triggers it regularly sets off.

Maybe it was just an ordinary day where the yearning for deeper glimpses into Universal truth seem mysteriously out of reach. A day where everyone seems to get exactly what they need from your energies and efforts — everyone but you. This might seem like an endless rerun of outcomes and circumstances, but today won’t end in such an agonizingly ordinary fashion.

You glance at the calendar and realize it’s Wednesday and almost 4pm PST (or whatever time that is in your corner of the world) — an hour signaling your time of cozy restoration as you snuggle up with the tenderest parts of your heart, enjoying solace and communion with your soul like enjoying a warm mug of cocoa or being enveloped by the heat of a freshly-lit fireplace in winter.

No more concerns, distractions, obligations, or deadlines. Just the most precious of moments where you get to connect with your deepest spiritual passions in the most intimate and rejuvenating way.

The day may have started one way, gone sideways in the afternoon, and ended in any direction. But now, because of the special time spent opening, aligning, and integrating in the most heart-centered way, you have returned to a space where all is well.

I welcome you to join this sacred space with me every other week, a time when we can drop in together and experience the profoundness of our shared trajectory. Total Integration is an intuitive call for me to go even deeper with those souls who are called into the conversations, and I look forward to expanding, then grounding, the emergent perspectives that we’ll co-create.

See you on the inside. With Infinite Love,