Welcome, Dear One

Intro and welcome text

As a spiritual person and seeker, someone who craves inner peace, life purpose, and feelings of joy and expansion—you’ve likely done a lot of work to become who you are in this moment.

You’ve spent hours in meditation. You’ve recited mantras. You’ve read books. You’ve found your voice. You’ve eaten organic. You’ve attended workshops. You’ve been to therapy. You’ve had breakthroughs.

It may feel like you’ve literally done it all.

But if you’re being honest, all of that work hasn’t made you feel whole or healed.

You still struggle. You still make mistakes. You still think negative thoughts. And at times, you feel like you’ve failed and that you’ll never be free—to find your true purpose, to speak openly, to love fully, to be present.

Well, that couldn’t be more untrue.

You. Are. A. Human. Being.

You will have flaws. You will make mistakes. And negative thoughts will find a way to creep in.

But it’s the act of embracing your humanness, not pushing it away, that will help you create the reality you not only crave, but one that will allow you to thrive and grow.

Life is going to trigger you, test you, and push you to grow on its own timeframe.

That’s because you are a soul in a body having a human experience.

When you have the capacity to fully love yourself through the process of being alive, you are free to fully come alive.
Give love to your sudden angry outburst. Give love to the defensive response. Give love to the tender moment of loneliness. Give love to the negative thought. Give love to the public embarrassment.

Give love to all of it.

Love is what will free you and heal you over and over again, until it becomes your natural state of being in the world. And that’s when you’ll feel more whole, more complete, more you.

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