We don’t meet hatred with hate. Hatred already exists in its most defeated state, insisting on judging, attacking, and denigrating the innocence of others as a refusal to surrender. To respond to hatred with hate only fuels the refusal to surrender that empowers hatred to search for more victims to affect. This means trying to rationalize with irrational perspectives only feeds the hate of unconsciousness. Therefore, the question remains, how do we assist hatred in surrendering no matter how desperately it avoids such a crucial breaking point? Read More>> 

Are You in Relationship With the Person or Their Potential

Who needs to read this?  If you project someone’s potential onto them, it is a greater likelihood they will project their unexpressed pain onto you. Even though you may be able to see someone’s potential, it doesn’t mean they are within a timespan of bringing it to life.  Read More>> 

What to Do When a Friend Has a Problem With You

Friendship is an agreement of respect, support, and encouragement. Nowhere in that description does it state the rightful ability to project a problem anyone may be having onto those who have simply agreed to respect, support and encourage someone’s evolving experience. Read More>> 

From Co-Dependency to Connection

You are not required to rescue anyone from the conflicted feelings they have in response to their perception of you. That’s called co-dependency. Friendship is an exchange of encouragement and support. When someone else is twisted up by something in your life and cannot be okay until you have been swayed to their view of reality, it is neither an act of encouragement nor support. Read More>> 

The Will Smith Incident: Where Do We Grow From Here

Condemning another person's morality remains a healable impulse for those whose morality remains in question. All too often when taking sides in an argument, we are furthering a divide in a world destined to unite. Therefore, while justice shall always remain the consequence of unconscious behavior, it is the consciousness of those witnessing such actions that can help transform the actions in view. Read More>> 

Meditating with Metallica

From the moment people hear that I am a fan of hard rock music, the usual flurry of questions arises. I thought you were an empath? Doesn’t that lower your vibration? How is that a part of the light? Yes, I am an empath. No, it doesn’t lower my vibration. And, yes — it is a part of the light. Now let's dive into the details. Read More>> 

Heart of the Matter

From the heart of compassion, the more we acknowledge what we don’t know, the fewer conclusions we draw about others as a space to project our unprocessed pain. This may help you understand how the unconscious tendency and false degree of power claimed when gathering sums of knowledge on a subject matter can be in conflict with those who may appear to you as uninformed or in disagreement. Read More>>

The Truth About Resistance

Absolutely nothing occurs in your reality as a result of resistance. What many perceive as a resistance to change is a process of gaining necessary amounts of experience to transform “I don’t know what to do” into “I’ve been here before and my familiarity allows me to trust the process I am in”. This is why everything happens exactly as it does: to provide you the gift of experience, allowing you to inevitably feel so safe throughout the churning waves of change that you are able to be fully aware through each up, down, gain, and loss so that you can receive the wisdom each outcome or encounter is bringing to your attention. Read More>>

Why Things Manifest

As a way of pointing awareness into a new paradigm heart-centered perspective, I am often guided to unravel confusing misunderstandings on how the old model of spiritual evolution has been taught. Anytime I am able to untangle a web of superstition, I am doing so as a way of giving you back the power that was only created to be expressed by you. It seems the deconstruction comes in waves and themes. One in particular being the clarification of the Law of Attraction as a means of cosmic surrender, not a way to hack the Universe for some sort of evolutionary advantage. Read More>>

Redefining the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a collaboration, not a form of control. It is a co-creative dance merging the power of your will with alignments to various timelines of potential that allow the advancement of consciousness, or transformation, to occur. There are many people who have attempted to employ the Law of Attraction, as it has been historically taught, with a mixed bag of results.  Read More>>

Why Let Go?

In order to know the benefits of letting go, it is essential to first identify what you might be holding on to. Perhaps you are holding onto a dream of how you want your life to be? And, of course, the purpose of life is to grow, so it is natural and important to always strive toward greater horizons of experience. But when any degree of striving for change overlooks the equally important facet of appreciating all that you have — an imbalance occurs. In this space of imbalance, where more time is spent striving towards something different than appreciating exactly the way life happens to be, you experience a degree of shutting down, known commonly as sadness. Read More>>

Addressing Atrocity

Whether the topic is mass shootings, immigrant children being held at borders, political turmoil, the mistreatment of animals or any other subject that draws anger, fear, and concern to the forefront of your experience, it is an important first step to be aware of how others are affected by the injustices and inhumane patterns lingering throughout the collective. The question is, once you’ve uncovered each and every conspiracy and processed the feelings that result from such gruesome and unfathomable realities, what do you do now? Read More>>

Why Hatred Fails

I get it. Just like you do. There are millions of people existing on this planet with only a tiny percent hoarding the majority of funds so many could use just to get by. There are children whose only meal each day comes from a school cafeteria that barely has the funding to feed the future of our country. There are countries where kingdoms and mansions are flanked by street-side beggars. There are displaced children who have been separated from their parents at border crossings who live in unimaginable conditions, perhaps worse than an industrial prison complex. Read More>>

The Humility of Humble Beginnings

Humility can be a funny thing. It is both the effects of a life that grows out of humble beginnings, as well as an innate quality that some seem to naturally embody more than others. When not shrouded in insecurity or unworthiness, humility is the fragrance of an evolved soul. As we rejoice in how profoundly the vibration of love is awakening in so many hearts, and as you join me in taking the Love Revolution to all corners of the globe, I wanted to share with you an intimate look into the evolution of my journey. Read More>>

Generosity is the New Freedom

While the insights uncovered along a spiritual journey remain timeless in discovery, we are living in such a time of growth and intensity where the paths of earlier generations merely paved the way for a brand new approach to healing, awakening, and transformation. Because we are living in such accelerated periods of collective expansion, gone are the days of just sitting back and reflecting on the nature of existence, when our current climate of social distress and societal pressures urge us to take a stand for the values we believe in — to manifest our inner light into externalized action. Read More>>

Confessions of a Spiritual Perfectionist

My friends and I have a running joke. We like to say, “I am not a perfectionist, but I’m working on it.” This light-hearted one-liner is a bird’s eye view into the infrastructure of intensity I lived in during the early developmental years of my spiritual journey. To the best of my ability, I forged into inner explorer mode, eager to glean each insight and accomplish each milestone to the point where I was so worried about getting it wrong that I wasn’t able to enjoy the perfection of my evolution. Perhaps this rings true for you as well. Read More>>

My Ancestors Sent Me to Apologize

The words you are about to read are fulfilling a desire I’ve had since I was a child. From a young age, I’ve always been a lover of culture far before I knew what that word meant. I always had an interest in the living rituals and practices of what seemed foreign without ever feeling threatened by something unknown. The unknown never felt intimidating or scary, it actually felt magical. Read More>>

The Upside to Criticism

Reality is literally an expression of consciousness coming to life. From its birth, each manifestation is constantly growing in an upward trajectory. Because of its ever-evolving nature, along with a growing sense of self-awareness throughout the tapestry of time and space, we refer to everything as a creative expression of source energy. Read More>>

You Are Not Your Urges

What if I could share with you an insight that would allow time to always be on your side? In order for time to be on your side, it’s essential for you to side with time. For this to occur, you would have to accept how everything in time is either happening or not happening — not as a karmic punishment, but an instigator of your highest evolving potential. The question remains, what pearl of wisdom allows you to see this truth so clearly and authentically? Read More>>

Increase Your Emotional Fitness

Increase Your Emotional Fitness

Your heart doesn’t just require exercise, but a daily dose of loving-kindness that you were born to provide it. In one way or another, we all yearn for the closeness, intimacy, and fulfillment of love’s eternal grace. The question is, how do you learn to embrace your own heart the way you wish to be loved by others? Whether everything seems to be flowing in your life or in a constant state of transition, becoming the most thoughtful and dedicated supporter you’ve ever encountered is what it means to be emotionally fit. Read More>>

The Grace of Being a Good Customer

The Grace of Being a Good Customer

As a way of embodying the light of your highest wisdom, one of the most essential spiritual practices is learning how to be a conscious communicator. Each day our experiences as a customer offers the opportunity to communicate as consciousness in action.While many experience the trials and tribulations of customer service, each stressful aspect of life begins to transform when learning how to respond in the most heart-centered way. Read More>> 

True Happiness

True Happiness

True happiness is not actually a positive emotional state. It is an internal reclaiming of power that allows each outcome to be experienced in the most pure and unaltered way. In order to be happy, you must reclaim your power from the people, places, and things that are used to define your existence. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be pleased or displeased by other people’s behavior. Instead, you no longer rely on the actions of your outside environment to determine your status in life. Read More>>

A Deeper Surrender

A Deeper Surrender

In some spiritual circles, surrender acts as a staunch request to relinquish attachments to a personal story or identity. The belief is that human suffering is caused by an attachment to a personal self. Therefore, once you have correctly surrendered by following an arrangement of rules or steps, you won’t feel the way you don’t like feeling. For anyone seeking a way out of pain, despair, or misery, I don’t blame you for wanting solace and resolve from what might seem like the plight of never-ending sorrow. Read More>>

Redefining Soul Mates

Redefining Soul Mates

A twin suggests a reflection, while a flame ignites and burns what is no longer needed for the journey ahead. A soul is your individuated expression of divinity and a mate refers to the play of physical form, where our true eternal essence expresses as the truth of it all throughout a union of divine characters or counterparts. For some, it might seem contrary to their known definitions, but as these terms are redefined – clarity, healing, and resolve can be delivered to those whose spiritual aspirations have been stifled by co-dependent relationships, cycles of grief, and emotional turmoil. Read More>>

A Deeper Look at Loss

A Deeper Look at Loss

Beyond the appearance of every personal storyline, loss has nothing to do with the choices being made. Every form of loss is orchestrated on a soul level prior to incarnation. This indicates that choices determine how consciously or unconsciously we deal with the things we face, having nothing to do with an outcome already determined on a level of existence void of any sense of personal will. As the grace of loss is experienced, patterns of attachment are released out of your energy field in a spontaneous form of cellular healing. Read More>>   

Show Your Vibration

Show Your Vibration

Vibration refers to your level of consciousness. Much like floors of a building, each corresponding level offers you greater views than the one before, providing an infinite myriad of perspective so your decision-making can be inspired instead of reactive. As your vibration expands, so does your understanding of life and how each moment fits into the bigger cosmic picture. This places greater importance on each and every choice, not as if you have the power to disrupt the harmony of eternal perfection, but to inspire you to bring your highest wisdom to life, as gift for yourself and the world around you. Read More>> 

The Seasons of Ego

The Seasons of Ego

Just as winter foreshadows the arrival of spring, it is common to oscillate between various states of unconsciousness when asleep in ego. It’s as if the journey of ego is to flip-flop between opinions, viewpoints, judgments, and emotional states, until enough momentum has built up to allow your awareness to even out in the middle and return to the emptiness of zero point. For those unaware of the patterns running them from within a personal or spiritual bubble of perception, there can be a constant sense of momentary breakthroughs followed by endless disappointments and breakdowns. Read More>>  


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