Overcoming The Ego

What is life like outside the viewpoints of human conditioning? How does it feel to exist beyond the pitfalls of lower vibrational patterning? What if such a monumental shift in consciousness was far more direct and simple then you’ve been lead to believe? These questions and more are answered in this brand new audio package.

Recorded during Matt’s first Retreat at the Omega Institute, this audio package features Matt’s unique and loving perspective on the spiritual journey to help you dispel commonly believed myths and to transform your reality with compassion, peace, and ease. If you are ready to step into a more empowered and heart-centered reality, then this audio download is the perfect key to unlocking the light of eternal joy.


Your Brand New Beginning

​Recorded live at the September 2018 3-day Soul Convergence, this collection of teachings contain some of the most potent healing frequencies Matt has ever channeled. In Matt's own words, "This healing transmission matches the energy I felt in heaven during my out-of-body experience when I was 8." If you are ready to commune with the holy perfection of heavenly light, then this audio program will act as a potent catalyst into your most exciting chapter of reality.


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