Total Living Freedom

This 3-day retreat is a collection of 6 video sessions totaling 9 hours of teachings for those ready to experience freedom from over-thinking, over-processing, and over-analyzing our healing journey, and life, as a way of returning to the unlimited power and radiant freedom of our true Presence of being. 

For a life-changing exploration, and experiential gift full of guided meditations, activations and energetic leavening -- this retreat is for all who are ready to rise within and peacefully live in total freedom amidst the turmoil of a human race, and an ever-divided world undergoing unprecedented levels of change. 


The Perfection of Reality

Relationship challenges. Death. Feeling like life is 'huffing and puffing and blowing our house down'... WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?

In this masterful, honest and very direct teaching previously recorded at a Multiversity Retreat, Matt addresses issues that are perfectly applicable to our tumultuous current times -- reality breaking us out of our limited, conventional thinking and returning us to the glorious Zero Point of: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE...!

Enjoy a taste of this delicious feast for the soul:

Life Beyond Limitations

Friday Evening:
Matt assists you to experience life beyond the perception of personal limitation. This means:

  • Releasing your most limiting subconscious beliefs
  • Healing the root of blame and self-judgment
  • Clearing the energetic barriers that keep you feeling separate from love.

Saturday Evening:
Matt takes a direct stand for you to move beyond the limitations perceived as life. He guides you into a process that instigates:

  • The flow of inspiration without neglecting any aspect of life
  • The relief of true inner balance, harmony, and well-being
  • Your soul’s blueprint and entrance into a new timeline of reality


Transcending Your Patterns

September 28-29, 2018, New York, NY

Friday Session:
Matt guides you to identify and resolve your most self-defeating patterns. The outcomes of this session include:

  • Releasing any degree of inner victimhood
  • Healing self-sabotage and passive-aggressive behavior
  • Clearing unconscious patterns from lineages of Ancestry

Saturday Session:
In this incredibly vulnerable session Matt helps you to move beyond the patterns, conditioning and imprinting of ego. He guides you to:

  • Activate the ability to speak your truth with clarity and kindness
  • Ask the Universe for what you want and learn how to receive it
  • Awaken life’s deepest wisdom within you and know how to trust it


Group Healing Tour Rafael, California

9 audios totaling 5 hours, 30 min

Dissolving Sadness

August 31-September 1, 2018, San Rafael, CA

Friday Session:

Matt helps you dissolve sadness without the ego feeling judged or threatened. In this session Matt empowers you to:

  • Release patterns of expectations and disappointment 
  • Move beyond memories of heartbreak
  • Heal the pain of loss

Saturday Session:

Building on the energetic momentum of the previous night’s healing, Matt calls upon unique tools and practices to help you immediately dissolve the sadness that lingers in your heart. The process involves:

  • Awakening to your inherent worthiness to be seen and be loved by others
  • Giving at a deeper emotional level without feeling depleted
  • Transforming every relationship to its highest potential


Group Healing Tour Encinitas, California

10 audios totaling 5 hours, 45 min

The End of Anger

August 3-4, 2018, Encinitas, CA

Friday Session:
Matt helps you to resolve all patterns of anger with the energetic fingerprints of gentleness, love, and compassion. More specifically, Matt guides you towards:

  • Unraveling inner turmoil
  • Healing loneliness, boredom, and frustration
  • Resolving feelings of abandonment

Saturday Session:
Your pattern of anger can finally end during this life-changing session. Matt transmits a beautiful wave of energy that enables you to:

  • Become more accepting of others without giving away your power
  • Activate the excitement of your soul’s potential
  • Awaken the true fulfillment of life’s greatest joy


Group Healing Tour Boulder Colorado

9 audios totaling 5 hours, 45 min

Eliminating Fear

July 6-7, 2018, Boulder, CO

Friday Session:
Matt expertly guides you to pinpoint the core of your fear and then assists you past it in the most loving way.  This session is designed to help you:

  • Release all self-doubt
  • Heal emotional despair once and for all
  • Resolve the experience of ‘overwhelm’

Saturday Session:
Matt goes deeper into the true phenomenon of eliminating fear during this groundbreaking 1-day immersion.  The outcomes you can expect include:

  • A renewed sense of inner passion
  • An ignition into a deeper sense of purpose
  • A direct activation of your inner gifts - the ones you were born to express


Group Healing Tour Vancouver British Columbia

7 audios totaling 6 hours

Healing Your Core Wound

June 8-9, 2018, Vancouver, BC

Friday Session:
Matt guides you to explore and heal the core wounds that are holding you back by:

  • Making peace with your emotional pain
  • Releasing the guilt and shame of the past
  • Resolving the feeling of wanting to “go home”

Saturday Session:
Building on the energetic momentum of Friday’s session, Matt traverses a full day healing initiative that includes interactive experiences and a brand-new healing process to deepen the healing of our core wounds.  Some of the themes:

  • Learning how to feel safe and supported in the body — no matter the circumstance
  • Trusting the Universe at a deeper level and allowing life to serve you
  • Discovering the true inner confidence of your soul’s natural state


Transformed by Love Portland Oregon

11 audios totaling 12 hours, 40 minutes 

Transformed By Love

April 2019, Portland, OR

Recorded live at the April 2019 3-day retreat, this collection of audios is for those who yearn to truly embody their soul’s expression by learning to live from a naturally heart-centered perspective, no matter the state of the world. For a life changing exploration into the heart of awakening you’ll find topics included such as exiting victimhood and the end of people-pleasing, as well as navigating by desire and The Starseed Activations.

If you are ready to transform all aspects of your life with the highest vibration in existence, then you won’t want to miss a moment of this profoundly healing 3-day event.


Overcoming the Ego Omega Institute Rhinebeck New York

21 audios totaling 9 hours, 5 minutes

Overcoming The Ego

July 2018, Rhinebeck, NY

What is life like outside the viewpoints of human conditioning? How does it feel to exist beyond the pitfalls of lower vibrational patterning? What if such a monumental shift in consciousness was far more direct and simple then you’ve been lead to believe? These questions and more are answered in this audio package.

Recorded during Matt’s first Retreat at the Omega Institute, this audio package features Matt’s unique and loving perspective on the spiritual journey to help you dispel commonly believed myths and to transform your reality with compassion, peace, and ease. If you are ready to step into a more empowered and heart-centered reality, then this audio download is the perfect key to unlocking the light of eternal joy.


Soul Convergence Portland Oregon

16 audios totaling 13 hours 

Your Brand New Beginning

September 2018, Portland, OR

Recorded live at the September 2018 3-day Soul Convergence, this collection of teachings contains some of the most potent healing frequencies Matt has ever channeled. In Matt's own words, "This healing transmission matches the energy I felt in heaven during my out-of-body experience when I was 8." If you are ready to commune with the holy perfection of heavenly light, then this audio program will act as a potent catalyst into your most exciting chapter of reality.



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