Private Sessions with Matt

PLEASE NOTE: Sessions are SOLD OUT at the moment. Stay tuned for when Matt will open up more spots. That will most likely happen over the summer 2022 after the upcoming book release in June. We'll announce the openings on social media and in our Sunday newsletters. Thank you! 

Since the beginning of these pandemic times, I, like many of you, have had many months at home rediscovering the delight of comfy clothes. Being off the road from touring and hosting large in-person events has provided me the space in my schedule to rejuvenate myself to the point where I now feel inspired to offer private sessions once again. It’s the perfect way to start this new year.

During these wildly fluctuating times, we all have gotten the chance to feel more deeply into the people, places, and things that are most meaningful to us. For me, I realized that I really do miss doing sessions. And, since my upcoming fourth book has been written and is off in the publisher’s hands now, this just feels like the ideal time for me to connect with you in this direct and intimate way.

Intuitive Guidance & Healing Relief

Sessions are open on a limited basis in half-hour increments. I’m excited to offer these powerful meetings to provide you with the personalized intuitive guidance and healing relief you so rightfully deserve.

Each session is your personal opportunity to:

  • Break free from old habits, outdated beliefs, and shift subconscious imprinting.
  • Clear traumas, familial wounds, and ancestral imprinting down to the cellular level.
  • Strengthen your nervous system, harmonize your mind and body, and recalibrate your energy field through energetic upgrades.
  • Get clear on life direction, questions about relationships, and how to navigate the most miraculous forward movement throughout your life.
  • Finally get on the other end of perpetual healing cycles—once and for all.

Reserve Your Session

As many of you have known over the years, the private sessions piece of my life’s work also serves a few very important functions in the overall scope of my teachings.

We’ve all discovered over the years the powerful ripple effects of these sessions. While yes, I often work with couples, business partners, and multiple family members, we have truly also seen “the power of ONE” in action. Often in just doing a session with even one member of a household, or the head of a counseling practice, a parent, a schoolteacher, or a business owner, we’ve seen the far-reaching effects of transformation that takes place throughout the lives of those living in proximity to the one being healed.

One parent can support the dynamic of the family. One business owner can uplift the moods of their customers. One neighbor can inspire the interconnectivity of a community. One shift creates ripples that benefits countless lives—just by taking a deeper dive into the healing that is ready to unfold within you. 

I’m always grateful to be able to be of service and support your journey of regaining and maintaining your physical health, emotional freedom, and spiritual well-being. I love being a part of helping you getting back in touch with the happiness and inner peace that is always here—even in the midst of tremendously challenging times in human evolution.

My heart is served as I serve yours.

If you’re ready to bring greater resolve to your journey and be liberated from living in inner turmoil or constant emotional process, then now is the time.

Please reserve your session time here. I look forward to meeting you in session very soon.

All for Love,

Matt Kahn

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