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All for Love LIVE

Each of Matt’s deeply healing events are unique opportunities to transform your reality through the vibration of love. Whether as a first time participant or for those who have closely followed Matt’s teachings, no prior experience is necessary. As Matt often says: Come as you are and allow the energy transmitted to be received. Matt offers his transmission of presence at these upcoming healing events.

Upcoming Healing Events

Total Integration

Personalized Access to Matt!

Bi-weekly Event

Project Resolution

First Thursday of the Month  11:11 am PST / 2:11 pm EST

Monthly Event

AA10 Creating A New Consciousness

Starts Tuesday Sept 24, 2019 

4:00 pm PST/7:00 pm EST 

Live Online Event

Experiencer Day at ACISTE

Thur. Nov 14, 2019

HILTON Embassy Suites

Atlanta, GA

Seattle Soul Gathering

Sat. Dec 7, 2019

Community Fitness

Seattle, WA

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