Redefining Soul Mates & Twin Flames

A twin suggests a reflection, while a flame ignites and burns what is no longer needed for the journey ahead. A soul is your individuated expression of divinity and a mate refers to the play of physical form, where our true eternal essence expresses as the truth of it all throughout a union of divine characters or counterparts.

For some, it might seem contrary to their known definitions, but as these terms are redefined – clarity, healing, and resolve can be delivered to those whose spiritual aspirations have been stifled by co-dependent relationships, cycles of grief, and emotional turmoil. The essence of redefining these terms is not relying on external relationships no matter how energetically-charged they seem to be, so you may recognize each encounter as a gift that brings to life the soul mate of your highest self in form.

This invites you to discover true liberation, autonomy, and communion within the Oneness of your own divine heart space. As you cultivate wholeness in yourself, you are able to draw toward you an external reality that matches your internal state of being, instead of a world that appears in contrast to your highest truth.

Unquestionably, everything you’ve known to be true up to this point will become the next dream you will be guided to awaken from. If not, it remains a prison of personal certainty that can inspire you to lash out, reject, or shut down toward those who are merely here to challenge the boundaries of interpretation.

The only thing we don’t wake up from is love. While love is a timeless gift of connection that relationships can inspire, it is but a sneak preview of the depth of harmony and perfection that completes you from within, once it is fully integrated. This does not cause you to be immune to relationships or beyond the need for interaction. Instead, it cultivates the proper depth of wholeness and maturity required to celebrate your divinity in the most fulfilling, aligned, and embodied way.

Integration of divinity in form is not the end of relationships, but where you become capable of having relationships that are balanced and beneficial for both and transformative for the world in view. As ironic as it might seem, when no longer relating to another, but only meeting the truth of who you are in another form, the most remarkable encounters and bonds are created that contain the power to uplift the vibration of an entire planet for the wellbeing of all.

Perhaps the redefining of these terms is an opportunity to see greater attachments to words and personal beliefs that can cause the most devoted spiritual beings to forget their deepest intention of becoming the grace of love in action.

When old paradigms are challenged, we discover who is willing to go to war over a difference of interpretation. And for those who are willing to judge, accuse, and criticize for whatever reason, we find a heart only yearning for more acceptance, love, praise, and approval. Whatever arises, love that. This is the way of heart-centered consciousness.

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