Show Your Vibration

Vibration refers to your level of consciousness. Much like floors of a building, each corresponding level offers you greater views than the one before, providing an infinite myriad of perspective so your decision-making can be inspired instead of reactive. As your vibration expands, so does your understanding of life and how each moment fits into the bigger cosmic picture. This places greater importance on each and every choice, not as if you have the power to disrupt the harmony of eternal perfection, but to inspire you to bring your highest wisdom to life, as gift for yourself and the world around you.

Just as many spiritual beings have used the teachings of vibration to uplift the integrity of their actions, there have also been those who innocently use such a teaching against themselves. When life doesn’t go according to plan, they assume their vibration wasn’t high enough, despite the fact that each moment has always been orchestrated for your highest evolution in form. It has also been looked at as a form of social status, where the label of low vibration is like a group of school children waiting to be invited to hang out with the cool kids. Whether used to look down on someone who is so embroiled in the depths of their healing journey, they are unable to be who you need them to be, or judging yourself as less than when comparing your experiences to the journey of others, energetic vibration has, in many cases, become a method of judgment instead of the timeless call to action that life sends your way.

Many assume a high vibration is cultivated by how much you know. When this is the case, it is common to build a spiritual ego fueled by a tendency to oppose, debate, and defend. If you believe vibration is a matter of knowing, you are more than likely inspired to see others in pain, and assume their relief will be caused by what more they need to understand. It can even become the long-standing spiritual misunderstanding of believing: “if only they knew more, this would shift.” As if you are being punished with frustrating outcomes and inconvenient circumstances, until you know more than life has provided. No single event occurs in your reality as a punishment for any behavior and has absolutely nothing to do with what you do or don’t understand. The fact that you are meant to survive each experience and come out the other side more empowered and wise than you were before, does not mean it happened because of something you didn’t know.

As Earth’s ascension awakens the light of divinity in all, the sticking point won’t be getting those who have no clue they are already on a spiritual journey to resonate with higher wisdom. Instead, the rub exists within the minds of those who have been on a spiritual journey for such a long time, and can be so attached to their outdated ideas and methods, they slow down their own process of surrender by defending the very beliefs they only collected to wake up from.

This is why in the new spiritual paradigm, vibration isn’t a matter of what you understand, but how honorably and heart-centered you are willing to be – no matter the situations or circumstances that come your way. In a modern day spiritual journey, you cannot know your way into a higher vibration. Instead, you must show your vibration as a demonstration of how deeply your highest knowing has been fully integrated into form.

While it is wonderful to expand the parameters of understanding and discover new frontiers of insight wherever you go, the purpose of spiritual wisdom is to offer you greater perspectives, so you can be aware of the abundance of empowered decisions that are always available to advance your journey forward.

If you believe you are of a higher vibration, then I invite you to take the time to show your work. If you wish to raise your vibration for the well-being of all, look no further than the most courageous and honorable choices you may be avoiding. Often times, the most honorable choices are the decisions that inconvenience or threaten your ego. This doesn’t mean to always look for ways to push the boundaries of your comfort zone, but if spiritual evolution is your heart’s deepest desire, it is essential to accept the fact that you might be frustrated and inconvenienced along the way.

Many have even misused healing modalities, in attempt to make the frustrations and inconveniences of spiritual growing pains go away. To force your frustrations and inconveniences into submission would equally destroy the fertile ground of your ever-evolving expansion. When a spiritual journey is pursued by ego, there is a desperate desire for expanded experiences, while fighting the inconveniences and frustrations that only indicate how profoundly you are healing and how deeply you’re growing. When ego cannot transcend the reoccurring waves of inconvenience and frustration, a tendency to blame, lash out, or shut down becomes a preferred method of existential protest.

To raise your vibration, as a way of transforming spiritual victimhood into a lifetime of endless victories, perhaps each threat of inconvenience or frustration, as well as each moment of blame, tendency to lash out, shut down, or defend your beliefs become ongoing reminders of the exact moment to stop fighting against the perfection of life, and instead, to love your own the heart more than anyone else ever has. By loving the innocence within you who only blames, lashes out, or shuts down as a way of requesting the gift of your undivided attention, you liberate yourself from the battlefield of knowing to become the Truth that only finds more things to embrace.

We are way past the stage of growth where you can play a spiritual role in certain sacred environments, only to become the unconsciousness you attempt to purge from your field, whenever life doesn’t go according to plan. Instead, we have arrived at a magnificent crossroads, where everyone can access the gifts of their highest potential, once showing their vibration replaces a need to debate or defend against the blind fury of personal belief.

A highly-vibrating being responds to judgments with compliments, knowing a compliment is not given to those who have earned it, but freely offered to those whose behavior shows how deeply in need of love they happen to be. A highly-vibrating being knows the accusations of others merely reflect where an individual is in their journey. With no judgment toward their path or unconscious behavior, high vibrational beings know their own journey cannot be limited by the actions of others, but solely defined by how honorably and heart-centered they respond.

If they are unable to respond honorably, it merely suggests the perfect moment to make time to reconnect with their own innocence of heart by daring to love it at a more intimate level. A highly-vibrating being doesn’t blame others for getting triggered, but internally appreciates the circumstance that only reveals deeper aspects to love, heal, and transform. A highly-vibrating being doesn’t live in a world of enemies, but a universe of spiritual study partners. Equally so, they do not remain attached to stale relationships just for the sake of growth, when often times, the growth being offered is daring to forge a brand new path, once your heart says it’s time to go.

As showing your vibration rises to the forefront of your everyday encounters, the ups and downs of life become a multi-dimensional spiritual adventure that always conspires in your highest honor to reveal a destiny you were always meant to find. How arduous, tumultuous, joyful, or fulfilling your journey becomes solely depends on how often you value choices as a chance to practice becoming the one you’re destined to be. Anything else is but a play of words that fuels the flames of antagonism for those who believe having a false sense of power can free them of pain.

No matter the actions taken against you, or the actions you have taken against another, every heart deserves more love, not less, which always begins with embracing yourself before it can be freely offered to all. As always, since your heart is the center of the universe, through the heart that you love – all things are transformed. This is the beauty, perfection, and grace of unity consciousness. It is a truth that can only be known at the deepest level by how often you show the wisdom that you know.

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