The Grace of Being a Good Customer

As a way of embodying the light of your highest wisdom, one of the most essential spiritual practices is learning how to be a conscious communicator. Each day our experiences as a customer offers the opportunity to communicate as consciousness in action.

While many experience the trials and tribulations of customer service, each stressful aspect of life begins to transform when learning how to respond in the most heart-centered way. When your role as a consumer shifts into being a gracious giver, you begin to see the world as reflections of your most inspired choices instead of reflecting the evidence of your most limiting beliefs.

In most cases no one is out to get you. Anyone you meet, whether working in a restaurant or storefront is someone’s child, life partner, neighbor, and best friend. When not approaching an employee from this heart-centered depth of respect, you are more than likely setting yourself up for a frustrating experience, whether it is actually happening the way you think it is, or viewed through a filter of limiting beliefs and judgments.

Rather than fold your arms and wait for someone to deliver a performance of your highest expectations, why not recognize how great customer service often occurs in the presence of great customers. Why not set up each experience for its highest level of success by being as thoughtful, charming, and welcoming as you are with those in your inner circles?

By considering something deeper about those who are paid and trained to serve you allows gratitude and thoughtfulness to be key factors in cultivating grace in everyday life.

The server who comes to your table may be in the depths of a custody battle or five minutes away from visiting a dying relative in the hospital. Just as they don’t know your lifetime of struggles, you don’t know their path either. By considering something deeper about those who are paid and trained to serve you allows gratitude and thoughtfulness to be key factors in cultivating grace in everyday life. In today’s technological era, the feedback of instantaneous social media is either the best marketing campaign for a business or a horrific smear campaign to the detriment of someone’s best efforts.

As an intuitive, I am able to tune into the energy of the person writing each review. When someone is lashing out about their unfortunate experience based on a misunderstanding, projection, or just being unhappy, it’s as obvious to me as if someone’s hair suddenly turned green.

Imagine someone being cut off at a restaurant for being too intoxicated. Once they get home, their ego leads them online to slander the restaurant as payback for not providing more drinks. Such a review has the potential to cost a restaurant many new customers when one blindly adopts the report of someone else’s experience.

How do you know the reviews you read are an accurate depiction of facts, versus skewed perceptions? Do you know whether you are reading honest feedback or the ramblings of altered awareness?

While the internet allows information to be just a click away, it has also turned modern day society into a global rumor mill. While it is important to report abusive behavior and unethical practices, you don’t have to carry your phone around waiting for the next person to accuse. Sending out ruthless judgments into the stratosphere of the internet from behind the false superiority of an anonymous keyboard is not going to help you feel better about life or move stuck emotions from your body. Instead, being kind, forgiving, thoughtful, and supportive will help everyone to be at their best when serving your personal needs.

When you are a conscious contributor to the success of everyone around you, you expand your energy to bringer greater opportunity and abundance your way. This is the true meaning of karma. As a way of helping you uplift your experiences into moments of expanding grace, here are three tips to raise the vibration of your adventures as a customer:

Tip #1: Only write positive reviews. If you have an unfortunate customer experience, report it directly to a manager, or the owner. You don’t have to reward negative experiences with more of your time and money, and you also don’t have to use it as an excuse to lower the standard of your conduct. Think of your exchange of money for goods and services as an investment in the success of a company. As an investor, you are eager for a company to succeed as a way of amplifying your investment of experience. If a company doesn’t perform well, you can always cut your losses and invest differently without needing to judge, condemn, or accuse. If it’s not the way you would want a customer to behave in your business, why be that kind of customer to others?

Tip #2: Let your intuition guide you. So many people are afraid of disappointment that they would rather make decisions based on other people’s reviews, than roll the dice and see for themselves. Reviews can be helpful, but it cannot replace the feedback of your own direct experience.

Tip #3: Assume everyone is doing the best they can. You don’t necessarily know the journey someone took or the circumstances surrounding them when in your presence. When you dare to be a bright spot in someone else’s day, your day becomes brighter as a result.

All lives equally matter and words contain tremendous power. When aware of the power within you, your graciousness becomes potent catalysts to manifest greater abundance, fulfillment, and opportunities through the synchronicities of life. This is how global peace is created. It begins from the inside out as you dare to be the kind of friend, neighbor, partner, community member, and customer who inspires others as a result of your encounters.

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