From Co-Dependency to Connection

by Matt Kahn

You are not required to rescue anyone from the conflicted feelings they have in response to their perception of you. That’s called co-dependency.

Friendship is an exchange of encouragement and support. When someone else is twisted up by something in your life and cannot be okay until you have been swayed to their view of reality, it is neither an act of encouragement nor support. As a result,

I encourage you to seek out those who support your journey and are instilled with the confidence of knowing how capable you are

of facing each moment, overcoming obstacles, and even learning from choices however it makes sense to you.

It’s one thing when you ask a friend for advice in a moment of need, doubt or indecision. Yet, it’s an entirely different dynamic when someone requires you to embrace what they insist you must see and do with no regard, respect, or concern for the subjective truth and sovereignty of your own experience. This is the heart of acceptance.

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